Guild Challenge

"Something Old is New Again"

You are being challenged to make a small quilt from fabric previously used for another purpose.  Grandma's pretty hankies? Men's shirts? An embroidered linen or piece of a curtain?  Search for finds at thrift stores or your family's closets if you dare.  Have fun and get creative!


1. At least 75% of the top must be recycled material.  That leaves room for sashing and/or borders which could be new.  Traditional binding is not required.  Extra consideration if the back is recycled too.

2. Piece must consist of 3 layers- top, batting, backing and secured by quilting, NO tying.

3. No T-shirts may be used.

4. Size: the same requirements as the mini quilts.  A minimum of 12"x12" and a maximum of 96" around the outside edges.